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“Money Isn’t Everything, but its right up there with oxygen”- Zig Ziglar

Hello August!

August is always a welcome month for me because the days finally get warmer and it means summer is around the corner. However, it also means temptation, as this month is rife with chances to overspend.

The month starts with a four-day holiday due to the Lusaka Agricultural and Commercial show and there are festivals and many more events. Attending events is important as an afrosocialite, but here are a few ways I’m saving money this month.

  • Downloaded Money Saver App
  • saving app2
  • saving app

After reading up on a few free apps online, I chose Spending Tracker that I downloaded from the PlayStore on my phone. It’s a pretty simple app that is broken into areas like Spending, Transactions, Categories and Accounts. Under Spending is Income – Expenses = Balance so you can fill out the amounts like I…

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