When Christian Men hold ‘Bachelor/Kitchen Party’ style events…


This week introduced me to two very enriching experiences. I attended two differently planned but similar bachelor events for two friends who are about to tie the knot.

Now before I go on, let me put this as a disclaimer: I’m  seriously struggling to find a term that encompasses these types of events without being misunderstood to implying somethings else. Pardon my failure to adequately express myself in the Queen’s language. It’s embarrassing considering that I actually teach this stuff. The best i can do for now is to describe them briefly.

The first one, on Sunday, was a bar-b-que event, where invited guests were asked to bring a financial contribution (like it’s dome at Kitchen parties these days). There were some guests speakers who made presentations on specific topics, in a very interactive and fun way.  The food was awesome!

The second one, on Thursday, was a less formal…

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