One of the biblical foundations of marriage is mutual submission[ Proverbs 31 man]


Eph 5:21 “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ”

The Key word is to one another, not one partner to the other. Both Man and wife are called to do this (submission) to each other. The rest of the text is just further clarifies the type of submission that each partner in the marriage has to do.

I was very curious about the role of the man in this and what is expected of him. This is due to the fact that

  1. 1.       The bible in Ephesians seems to be saying it is his privilege to give himself to his wife as a loving sacrific.
  2. 2.       The standard is what God has done for the church is what man must do for his wife

So I got to read about the type of man that the Proverbs 31 woman deserves, because every man prays and wants to have such a woman as a wife. [Wife in the same of an equal partner not subordinate] and I found 5 attributes that I hope men [both husbands and those to be] will look at carefully and see if they do deserve the proverbs 31 Woman.

Here goes:

1. A Man of Noble Character (v. 10)

The Proverbs 31 man lives a life of noble character. Think about it, a Proverbs 31 woman (“virtuous wife”) deserves a husband of noble character, a man of virtue. Do you have a Noble character?

[Keep in mind that I am not talking about possessions here, no C’s whatever number they are starting for 3 onwards. I can’t keep up really]

2. A Man Who Trusts His Wife (v. 11)

The Proverbs 31 man trusts his wife and lives a life his wife can trust. I know that some men don’t even disclose how much they earn [salary] to their wives for whatever reason. Trust builds goodwill; goodwill leads to closeness. Where there is trust, there is peace.

3. A Man Who Leads (v. 23)

The Proverbs 31 man is “respected” at the city gate. That means he is looked to as a leader in the community. Even more than being a leader in the public forum, a man must lead his wife and children at home. It’s the biblical model of servant-leadership (Ephesians 5:25) for the family. There is no mention of dictatorial tendencies, no cohesion no threats like “or else”.

4. A Man of Wisdom (v. 23)

The Proverbs 31 man in v. 23 took “his seat among the elders” [Young but wise]. He is a man of wisdom. A man who is looked to for counsel, and he is a sounding board for those seeking input and advice. We often think that one must be older to be an elder. That’s not necessarily always the case. A young man whose seeks Godly wisdom can develop a reputation for consistent, well-thought out decision making. Being considered an elder is an earned position, not simply based on one’s age.

5. A Man of Blessing (v. 28)

The Proverbs 31 man recognizes the contributions of his wife and appreciates her for who she is and all that she does. Here most of us fail lamentably because we think we need to be mucho about things and also we have been brought up in such a way that we can’t appreciate, but we are creatures of acquired behavior and if we put our mind to it we will definitely manage to appreciate our better half

6. A Man of Encouragement (v. 28, 29)

The Proverbs 31 man tells his wife “You’re the best”, not for anything she’s done for him or for anything he wants from her. He encourages her, “praises her”, because of who she is.

Let us be this man to our families and you will see the miracles that will happen.

Happy wife happy life

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