100 Reasons Why I Love My Wife

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Ok. I originally posted this list 5 years ago, but…since it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m feeling all romantic and stuff, I thought I’d tweak it and post it again with a new picture and a few new reasons why I love my wife of 23 years, Rhonda.


100 Reasons Why I Love My Wife:

  1. She’s Christ-like.
  2. She’s humble.
  3. She’s kind.
  4. She’s sweet.
  5. She’s smart.
  6. She’s wise.
  7. She’s beautiful.
  8. She’s funny.
  9. She’s gentle.
  10. She has a ton of common sense.
  11. She’s exciting.
  12. She’s patient.
  13. She’s loving.
  14. She has nice legs.
  15. Did I tell you she’s beautiful?
  16. She’s physically fit.
  17. She’s an amazing mother.
  18. She’s a great cook.
  19. She’s is a wonderful homemaker.
  20. She’s strong.
  21. She’s a woman of character.
  22. She tells me what I need to hear even if I don’t really want to hear it.
  23. She loves God.
  24. She has a beautiful voice.
  25. She has nice lips.
  26. She has beautiful…

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